Empowering Families Together with Loving Life Foundation

For years, PSCDC has been working in collaboration with the Loving Life Foundation (LLF) to meet the urgent needs of underprivileged families. With LLF's mission to educate and empower underprivileged families so closely linked to PSCDC's, the partnership has grown throughout the years. Ms. Colleen, and incredible representative from Loving Life Foundation, has been providing events for our San Diego families for a very long time. On June 24th, 2015, Ms. Colleen hosted and provided all the supplies for a Summer Arts & Crafts class at Rancho del Norte with the help of our Resident Coordinator, Fatema Neromand. Young residents participated in art activities that helped them express their imagi

Imperial Community Gardens Cultivates Healthy Senior Resident Communities

Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation offers many residents services to all of our communities across California. The health and wellness of our residents is key to their future. A popular service amongst residents, especially with senior residents, is a community garden. Residents enjoy the benefits of reaping their hard work and having a hobby that gets them outside, interacting with neighbors, and active. PSCDC has been working in collaboration with the University of California Cooperative Extension to provide nutrition education to our adult and young residents of the Imperial Valley to make a change in our community. To combat obesity over the last three years, the Univers

A Lifetime of Community Service: Judi Boston-shedd

For Judi Boston-shedd, our Resident Services Coordinator for Willow Glen Apartments in Sacramento, education has been a core part of her life. As one of the longest Resident Services Coordinators in PSCDC, she has devoted her time to bringing the diverse community of Willow Glen families together and giving them the resources and confidence they need to pursue better lives for themselves. Before working with PSCDC, Judi worked in the field of education for 28 years in Sacramento and Tulare Counties. She started as an interpreter aid for hearing impaired students, where she taught keyboarding to hearing-impaired students. For years, she continued working with teachers, students, and parents i

Spreading Culture, Art, and Science to PSCDC Residents with Balboa Park Cultural Partnership's C

PSCDC always values giving our residents resources that will leave a positive impact on their futures from financial resources to cultural exploration and celebration. Recently, PSCDC formed a new partnership that would provide our residents with an incredible educational and cultural resource. Balboa Park, known as a place where culture, science, and nature collide, is home to more than 16 museums, multiple performing art venues, gardens, trails, and creative and recreational attractions in San Diego. The Park is hailed as a cultural mecca in San Diego. Along with its incredible museums, Balboa Park also has active community outreach organizations like the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (

Where Do Your Energy Dollars Go?

Did you know residential energy use per person in California is lower than that of any other state except Hawaii? [1] The Chart below gives a general idea what typical household energy costs are per year in the U.S. You can see your own home's energy use breakdown by category and get a personalized savings action plan at sdge.opower.com. To log in you'll need your SDG&E My Account User ID and password. If you're not a My Account user, you can enroll at sdge.com/myaccount. Once logged in, select "Ways to Save" in the top right-hand corner. If it's your first visit, you'll be prompted to take a quick survey about your home. Your "Home Energy Analysis" will automatically populate. Here's an exa

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